Noirwood Divine
Noirwood Platino
Noirwood Radiant
Noirwood Special
Noirwood Splendor

Noirwood Veneers

Earthly yet urbane, our exquisite range of Noirwood veneers are the go-to surfacing material when you want to give your interiors the premium touch of real wood. Featuring an array of decorative veneers made from exotic wood species sourced from across the world, the veneers in our Noirwood collection are enhanced through advanced processes that give them a rich character and warm feel. True to its name, the Noirwood collection is sophisticated, elegant, and timeless, encapsulating a blend of the best of wood and human ingenuity. Placed among the most trusted decorative veneer suppliers in India, Decowood is a name you can trust when you want to lend to your interiors, a tangible sense of luxury with an enchanting organic feel.

Noirwood Collection

The Noirwood collection features a host of choices for designers and architects who want to give a touch of luxury to a residential or commercial space. Our real wood smoked veneers bring the natural appeal of premium woods with unique textures and grains. The Noirwood collection features and array of distinct options, including:

  • Divine - Dark Grain and Grainless
  • Platino - Dark Grain, Light Grain, and Hz Light Grain
  • Radiant - Dark Grain, Grainless, and Light Grain
  • Special - Splendour Embossed
  • Splendor - Dark Grain, Light Grain, Grainless, Hz Light Grain

Unbridle Your Creative Genius

Browse through our collection of premium Noirwood smoked veneers to discover a wide spectrum of shades, patterns, and finish options that can make any space come alive. Our product specialists can also walk you through the available choices to help you meet your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Give your interiors that coveted, timeless look and feel with decorative smoked veneer sheets from the Noirwood collection.

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