Engineered wood Veneers

Engineered Wood Veneers

Decowood presents Engineered Wood Veneers Collection, embodying an innovative approach to manufacturing real wood veneers, aimed to expertly reconstitute and reproduce nature’s most exquisite grain patterns. Engineered through a patented process that creates consistent designs on a large scale, our engineered wood veneers are crafted from some of the finest wood species sourced from around the world. Celebrate the endless display of genius and create a lasting impression with high-quality engineered veneer sheets from Decowood.

Blending the Best of Nature and Advanced Technology

Placed among the leading suppliers of engineered wood veneer sheets, Decowood lets you choose from a wide spectrum of engineered wood veneer designs, with every option carrying its own distinct charm. Our engineered wood veneer sheets are perfect for an array of applications that call for repeatable coverage over large surface areas such as cabinets and other pieces of furniture. You can choose from collections such as Exotique, Geometrico, and Timberland. You can zoom-in on our high quality engineered wood collection to choose the best one for your interiors

Transform Living Spaces with Engineered Wood Veneers

Browse through our engineered wood veneer style chest to discover the best picks for any application and style. We boast a vast engineered wood veneer collection, featuring 22 Exotique, 9 Geometrico, and 18 Timberland styles to meet your unique taste. To discuss your requirement, explore available wood sheets, and learn more about engineered wood durability. connect with Decowood - your trusted engineered veneer sheets supplier in India at competitive prices

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