There's a lot that goes into making Decowood veneers the world has come to love. Now, to exactly know what? Read our manufacturing process below.

1. Slicing
After the selection, we soften wood by soaking it in the water at a specific temperature depending on their density. After that, the sheets are clipped along their edges and bundled together based on its group size.
2. Grading
With utmost care, the veneers are graded and sorted based on their quality and other factors such as grading, grain pattern, colour, and dimension.
3. Layon
Depending on the grain pattern required, the veneer leaves are joined into a series of pairs. They are again joined into larger pairs until the required width of the layon is created. This gives the veneer its beautiful appeal.
4. Squaring
and Sheering
The layon which is joined to the required width is first trimmed at the ends. Once the correct length is achieved, a stitch is applied at the top and bottom to prevent splitting. The layon is then given one final check. If needed, repairs are carried out.
5. Pressing
After ensuring a perfectly squared layon, we bond it onto a substrate such as Cloth, Plywood, MDF, or Kraft Backing using hot and cold presses. We then set the duration and temperature before bonding decorative veneers to the substrate with urea-free, water-based adhesives.
6. Sheering
and Sanding
After carefully and thoroughly sanding the veneers to enhance its feel, the sheets are sheered to cut off the excess veneer, if any. This gives the veneer its appeal, which Decowood is known for.
7. Quality
Before packaging and dispatch, Decowood's veneers are quality-checked with factors like veneer species, type, thickness, moisture content, type of core material, and construction methods such as the number of plies, adhesive, moisture and spread, assembly time, and pressing conditions.
8. Packaging
and Dispatch
Once manufactured, veneers are packed and dispatched correctly so that it does not get wet. Extensive measures are also taken to protect panels against rapid moisture content changes and mechanical damage during transport.
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