Wood veneers, a widely used surfacing material, are thin sheets made out of logs of wood. The go-to choice of designers and architects for finishing wood-based surfaces, wood veneers offer an effective solution to add a touch of elegance to living spaces. As far as the variety is concerned, you can choose from an array of exotic wood species when you go for a leading veneer brand such as Decowood. Continuing on the subject, we look at all that makes wood veneers a great alternative to natural hardwood. Read on.

Benefits of Wood Veneers

Array of Unique Options

Wood Veneers can add a touch of elegance to almost every wooden surface. Available in a vast variety of colour tones and grain patterns, wood veneers are as distinct as different species of wood. Each veneer sheet is a rendition of a unique tree as every tree log has its own design and uniqueness, which reflects in the wood veneers that are made using its wood. This gives you a wide range of distinctly elegant veneer sheets to choose from, with smoked veneers being one of the most sought after options.

Enhances Durability

Wood veneer sheets are glued to the surface of other wooden surfaces, acting as an extra layer and enhancing durability. In case of damage or mishap, the veneer sheets take the hit and protect the underlying wood. They increase the overall strength of the items on which they are used, and can be easily replaced whenever needed.

ECO-Friendly and Recyclable

Wood veneers can be recycled to be used for various purposes. In the making a natural hardwood product, many trees have to be cutdown and consumed. On the other hand, a few trees can be used to produce hundreds of veneer sheets, which means better utilization of natural wood.

Easy to Install

Installing a wood veneer sheet requires less in terms of labor than rebuilding an item made of hardwood. If a veneer sheet develops any issues such as cracks or blisters, you can easily replace the damaged part with a new veneer sheet. Simply select a veneer sheet based on your requirements and get it glued to your surface after removing the old sheet.

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Wrap Up

Given the aforementioned benefits, it would be safe to say that wood veneer sheets are a great alternative to hardwood. Using wood veneers is not only more cost-effective than using hardwood, it also has a reduced impact on the environment. If you are looking to use smoked wood veneers in your property, look no further than Decowood. To discuss your requirement, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11 4279 1399.