A wood veneer is a thin slice of wood, which are pasted onto the core panels to produce strong and flat surfaces. Commonly used as a surfacing material for doors, wall panels, and furniture, wood veneers are available in a wide variety choose different decors and themes, and offer the same visual appeal as of solid wood, albeit at a much lower price point and with a better material. If you too are looking for a surfacing material for any application, wood veneers deserve some serious consideration. Read on as we list some of the key reasons to include wood veneers in your next project.


Real wood veneer sheets are not so much so an ‘expense’, but are more of a long term ‘investment’. Premium quality veneer sheets can easily last for decades, depending on the intended use. The veneer sheets may get scratched over time if not used carefully, but they can easily be repaired.


Wood veneer is also easy to maintain and repair in case of damage; this means you can repair the furniture to look brand new again without much effort. For cleaning, one can simply use a dry cloth and for stains, a mild cleansing agent can be used. As the outer layer of wood veneer is made using real wood, it can be easily refinished whenever needed.

Warp Resistance

Another key attribute of wood veneer sheets is warp-resistance, which is a major advantage over other options such as solid wood. Veneer sheets retain their appearance over time whereas solid wood is quite prone to warping. That also explains the reason why an increasing number of architects and builders are choosing wood veneers over solid wood.

VOC Free

Another key attribute of high quality wood veneer sheets is that, unlike their alternatives, they do not pose a threat to human health. The water-based glues used in Decowood veneers are devoid of Volatile Organic Compound or VOCs. These can cause harmful emissions and can damage health.

Wrap Up

Whether you are looking to make furniture, office partitions or wall panels, real wood veneer sheets are a safe choice. Promising the perfect blend of appeal and value, real wood veneer sheets can be used to transform any living space. If you are too are considering wood veneers for your next project, Decowood has got you covered with a wide spectrum of exclusive options of surfacing materials. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our products, fill out our contact form or simply call 1800 833 0004.