Veneers are a timeless furnishing material that enjoys a range of applications including on doors. Door veneers lend a touch of sophistication and elegance on top of a range of benefits that are characteristic of hardwood. Veneer door designs are available in a wide range of finishes and textures that span celebrated wood species from around the world. Greenlam Decowood offers world-class veneer designs for doors from which you can choose according to your style and decor theme. You can also choose from different door designs including paneled doors, engraved doors, dual-toned doors, and hardware focused doors. Veneer doors are a great choice for main doors for residential and commercial applications. Let’s take a look at some of the

Paneled Door Design

Panels are a great choice when looking to add character to a front door. There are various paneled door designs that can be complemented with the right veneer design for doors to make the desired statement. They include horizontal panels, vertical panels, and diamond-shaped panels. Geometric designs such as triangles and squares are also great at highlighting the natural gradient and color of the door veneers. The design is ideal for contemporary homes.

Engraved Door Design

Engraved Doors give a unique 3D effect to the door frame. They are a great cost-effective design when looking to make a statement without spending on accent fittings or dual veneers. You can carve only a portion of the door frame or the entire door to get a vintage look. The design can be complemented with your preferred choice from a range of door veneers to bring out the desired style.

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Dual-Toned Door Design

Dual-toned Doors involve using two different kinds of door veneer color tones that are closely related. The two veneer sheets can form any of the different design options and geometric placements to create an appealing look. The common approach to the design is to apply the door veneer design separately, one on each door leaf.

Hardware Focused Door Design

You can also create an impression of majesty by using statement hardware pieces on veneer doors. Steel or brass hardware in the form of full-size door handles, knobs, or statement locks are the perfect way to execute this design. Thin metallic or brass inlay strips on veneer doors complement statement hardware well. The design is most suitable for large front doors that feature veneer surfacing.

About Greenlam Decowood

Greenlam Decowood manufactures a whole range of premium quality veneer sheets that are available across all the celebrated wood species from around the world. The veneers are a popular choice for applications that include furniture and doorsets. There are various species of wood veneers and designs on offer. Browse through available veneer designs for doors to find that meet your main door design requirements. To discuss your requirements, get answers to all your questions about door veneers, or place an order, call 1800 833 0004 or e-mail