Wood veneers are among the top surfacing materials for interior spaces and outdoor furniture. They enjoy a wide range of applications such as on accent walls, furniture, wardrobes, shelves, and doors. Decowood brand from the house of Greenlam offers natural and engineered wood veneers that are made from some of the finest exotic tree species such as Redwood, Cedar, and Palisander. These exotic wood veneers feature an exquisite range of grain patterns that can complement or transform any decor. Continuing on the topic, read on as we take a look at Decowood’s exotic veneer collection.


Palisander, also known as Brazilian Rosewood, is a reddish-brown exotic tree species that is renowned for its irregularly consistent straight grains. It adds a luxurious and elegant touch with saturated colour tones, making it an ideal choice for high-end furniture and decor themes with contrasting colour tones. Following is Decowood’s exotic range of Palisander veneers:


Anginko Rio Santos Santos Mountain Santos



The Brazilian tree species are well-known for their lustre and are found across Brazil, Central America and some parts of Mexico. Veneers made from Brazilian tree species come in a range of grain patterns (straight, interlocked, and irregular), textures (medium to fine), and hues (reddish-brown to deep-olive browns). This, coupled with excellent insect-resistance properties and exceptional durability, makes the Brazilian tree species perfect for manufacturing wood veneers for furniture and countertops. Some of the best variations of Brazilian veneers that are available from Decowood’s exotic collection are:


IPE (Tabebuia) Sucupira Jatoba


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Redwood trees, the tallest trees on earth, are known to create a rich, warm, vibrant, and welcoming ambience. One of the best aspects of redwood is its uniform deep reddish-brown colour tone and coarse texture that comes with a natural sheen. Redwood veneers add a premium feel to any decor with their iconic fine markings and straight grain pattern.


Cedar is an evergreen tree species that belongs to the pine family. Originating in the lavish Himalayas, it is one of the most versatile tree species, with varying characteristics according to different geographies. When it comes to manufacturing veneers from cedar, the American Red Cedar is among the most popular variants owing to its natural sweet citrus-like fragrance. It adds a unique combination of premium and rustic appeal to any interior decor, especially when applied on furniture, accent walls, and shelves. Decowood’s exotic collection of cedar veneers includes:


Red Cedar American Tulip Golden Cedar


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