Decowood veneers are the result of a blend of fine wood and science. They are available in variants like engineered wood, natural, and teak, amongst others. Whatever the decor, the multitude of veneer sheet patterns helps you achieve a classic yet chic ambience in residential and commercial spaces. Wood Veneers give you the best of both sophistication and style. They are sourced from tree species around the world, giving you a rich catalogue of pristine decorative surfaces. Continuing on the subject, we present five veneer sheet variants available with Decowood. Read on.

1. Flexible Veneers

Like the names suggest, Flexible veneers are adaptable and empower your creative flow without restriction. The thickness of each veneer sheet varies with species, and they come in a variety of sizes. Unlike traditional veneers, they are highly flexible when it comes to usage and application and feature a fleece/cloth backing.

2. Ply Backing Veneers

With the help of a patented MTT technology, a natural decorative veneer sheet is pressed on a Gurjan base ply to produce ply backing veneer. Ply Back veneers are a manifestation of the purest form of nature and are a product of ingenious innovation. They are suitable for almost all living spaces, especially the dining area.

3. Veneered MDF

Veneered MDF is a technologically advanced choice that promises a flawless visual appeal. To produce an MDF, a natural decorative veneer is pressed directly on the MDF panel using patented MTT technology. Versatility and elegance are veneered MDF’s forte: it embodies nature’s real wood art by bringing together natural veneers and versatile MDF.

4. Veneered Particle Board

Veneered Particle board sheets are urban in appeal and the product of the same methodology used in Ply backing veneers. A natural decorative veneer is pressed on a particle board sheet. Veneered particle board is adaptable and the best choice for creative projects.

5. Veneered Laminates

Unlike most veneers, veneered laminates are made by pressing a veneer sheet on kraft paper. They can be bent, rolled, and glued onto any furniture shape which gives you endless design possibilities. An added benefit is their exceptional quality and texture that elevates the overall look of your spaces.

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The Last Words

Veneers give an aesthetic appeal like no other surface decoration material. They are used in commercial and residential spaces due to their flexibility and versatility. Wood veneer sheets are highly cost-effective and durable. Decowood by Greenlam Industries offers an extensive array of options to enhance your interiors. Flip through our catalogue or get in touch with our business managers to explore available options. For more details, call us on our toll-free number 1800 833 0004 or +91 11 4279 1399, and +91 11-4950 1499. You can also fill out our contact form.