Natural wood veneers are one of the most popular surface choices for architects, designers, and property owners who are looking to give an excellent touch of nature to their residential and commercial property interiors. The surfacing solution is available in an array of natural textures, colors, grains, patterns, styles, and designs which can match any decor and unique taste. Continuing further, in this blog post, we discuss the top four applications of natural wood veneers. Read on!

1. Furniture

Natural wood veneers look perfect on furniture pieces such as chairs, dressers, and tables and can add a touch of natural beauty. You can choose from different colors such as Anegre, American White Ash, Olive Ash, and Steam Beach to decorate your furniture and make it look unique and premium quality. The veneer sheets are also available in multiple variants including ply, laminated veneers, MDF, and fleece back which offers unmatched durability and stability to your furniture.

2. Ceilings

Only an expert woodworker will be able to apply natural wood veneers to ceilings but once they are installed, they can offer an incredible effect to the space that is beyond other decorative options. Also suitable for floors and walls, natural wood veneers can give an incredibly breathtaking look to your room with shades including Oak Dyed Coffee, Platan Dyed Grey, Sycamore Dyed Gold, and Koto Dyed Wenge. The best part is they are made using TD technology that highlights the character and depth of each grain.

3. Decorative Inlay

Mastering the art of decorative inlays can take some time. With natural wood veneers, however, it gets extremely easy to create and apply patterns that make your decorative elements stand out, further enhancing the look and decor of the space. Choose colors from our rich catalog of natural wood veneer designs .

4. Artwork

Natural wood veneers can do wonders whether you are creating wooden instruments or decorating collector’s items. You can also customize the dimensions to suit the exact requirement. Natural wood veneers are available in more than 200 unique designs extracted from excotic wood species that can provide an unmatched appearance to different types of artwork. They also come with FSC certification that validates their minimal impact on the environment.

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Wrap Up

Natural wood veneers are one of the most popular surfacing solutions that offer unmatched aesthetic appeal that brings a touch of nature into your spaces. They can be used in both commercial and residential spaces thanks to their versatility and flexibility. If you too are planning to decorate your spaces, look no further than Decowood by Greenlam Industries. We offer an extensive array of options from which to choose. For more details, call our toll-free number 18008330004 or +91 11 4279 1399, or +91 11-4950 1499. You can also fill out our contact form.