Veneer wall panelling presents a simple and cost-effective way to give interior spaces a facelift. Creating an accent wall directs the attention and energy in a room towards a central theme. Interior decorative veneers work to amp up accent walls to bring out the desired design. Greenlam Decowood has an exciting range of decorative wall veneers made from high-quality solid wood from different species. Here are five useful tips when working with decorative veneers for interior walls

1. Choose A Focal Wall

Interior decorative veneer sheets are ideal for walls that have high visibility. A focal wall draws maximum attention in a room. Choose a wall that faces the entrance, has artwork, or is the backdrop of an entertainment unit. This ensures that the design theme of the room centres around the veneer, without any complex features playing against each other. You can get expert help from a professional panelling expert when it comes to identifying the focal wall in a room. 

2. Avoid Busy Areas

Parts of a home that see a lot of activity are not ideal for wall panelling. They include footwear storage cabinets, laundry rooms, or walls that have fixtures affixed to them. Avoid walls immediately behind a dining area, as they may experience frequent stains and erosion. Any space that sees a lot of movement every day could rob a veneer accent wall of the exclusivity it deserves.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Make sure that the focal wall chosen for veneer wall panelling does not face a source of direct sunlight. Balconies or windows directly opposite veneer walls can direct the harsh sun’s rays onto the wood veneer surface, causing it to prematurely lose its sheen and finish. Draw curtains on balconies or windows during peak sunlight hours to minimize its effect on veneer. 

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4. Avoid Any Adjacent Fixtures

Furniture or fixtures that come into contact with wall panels can cause surface damage. That is why you must avoid placing any piece of furniture in proximity with the veneer wall. Relocate any furniture and fixtures if possible, or consider choosing a different wall as the accent feature in the room. 

5. Steer Clear of Moist Nooks

Walls with heavy plumbing pipes in them aren’t an ideal choice for veneer wall panelling. Avoid walls that have wet areas behind them like utility rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Prolonged exposure to moisture damages veneer sheets and causes them to warp or wilt. 

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