The quality of engineered veneer sheets has improved greatly through the years, but they are hardly a modern invention. Wood veneers have been used since ancient times to beautify homes, commercial spaces, and furniture. Engineered veneer sheets do a lot more than help bring out a certain look and feel. They are real wood products that provide durability and protection to a wide variety of surfaces. Above all, they are a great choice when looking to attain a seamless and consistent design. If you aren’t yet sure whether or not engineered veneer is the right surface for your interior spaces, take a look at the many advantages the material provides.


Unlike solid wood pieces, engineered veneer sheets are very versatile in their applications. In fact, wood veneers are manufactured to enhance many different surfaces including furniture, flooring, doors, and wall panels. Their versatility and variety in design are some of the reasons why many consider them the best choice for large commercial spaces. Depending on their make, veneer sheets can be just as strong as solid wood. So if you are looking for a strong surfacing solution, engineered veneers are a perfect choice. Overall, veneer sheets provide commercial space designers great freedom in terms of use and design. They can be fully customized to your liking.


Why spend tons of money on large chunks of expensive solid wood? Instead, you can use engineered veneer sheets to achieve similar results. By choosing wood veneer products, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing looks or functionality. Even the most exotic woods can be transformed into beautiful veneer sheets. They can be applied to different kinds of lower-cost materials to bring out a luxurious appeal. At the end of the day, it is an attractive economical choice. Additionally, engineered veneers are easier to work with compared with other types of ‘brittle’ solid wood. For this reason, you’ll find that many woodworkers favor the use of engineered wood veneer in their projects.

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Truly Luxurious Looks

Some people shy away from engineered veneers as they perceive them to be a low-quality alternative to hardwood. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When you invest in engineered veneer designs, the visual results are always outstanding. The looks of engineered wood veneer sheets can match or even surpass the beauty of solid wood finishes. As mentioned before, you can get a consistent design, something which is rather difficult with natural veneers whose patterns and color tones can often vary from log to log even within the same species. They also provide long-lasting results and superior performance when exposed to changing temperatures when compared to solid wood. Their easy application and aesthetic versatility make them the perfect solution to improve the look and feel of any spaces.


Trees are precious, and depending on the species, they can take a long time to grow or grow only in specific areas, limiting their availability. Producing hardwood furniture and other pieces often calls for the destruction of tree species that are already scarce. Engineered veneer sheets are thin in nature, which means manufacturing them requires a far smaller amount of wood. Choosing engineered veneer sheets over hardwood reduces the amount of tree sawing and helps preserve our forests. If you desire to make your commercial spaces beautiful in a sustainable way, veneers are the way to go.

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Transforming your spaces with engineered veneer sheets

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