Real wood veneer sheets are widely used for interior décor. They look fantastic and can easily transform a room’s aesthetic by adding charm to the space, making them particularly well-suited for homes, hotels, and offices. Proper maintenance can help extend the durability of wood veneer sheets. Given that wood veneer is a natural wood product, it becomes necessary to take proper care of veneered surfaces. When properly maintained, veneers will not only survive longer than usual, but also retain their aesthetic appeal. So, how do you take care of real wood veneer sheets? Here are the top maintenance tips from professionals to help enhance the durability of wood veneers.

Routine dusting and cleaning

Don’t let dust particles accumulate on veneer surfaces. Even if you notice a small dirt mark, get rid of it right away. If possible, dust veneered furniture daily, alongside weekly or monthly cleaning sessions. When cleaning wood veneer, always use a fully dry and lint-free piece of cloth. For stubborn marks, you can clean the affected area with a damp cloth, but when wiping the overall surface, always use a dry cloth. Avoid using soapy or detergent-mixed water to retain the veneers’ polish and natural shine in the long run.

Less sunlight exposure

Make sure that your wood-veneered furniture is not placed where it receives direct exposure to the sun. Wood veneer is one of the most sensitive veneer variants. Being delicate, it has limitations when it comes to handling heat beyond a specified threshold. That’s why wood veneered furniture should be placed in a cool area with as little sunlight exposure as possible. Excessive sunlight exposure can also darken wooden surfaces. Fortunately, today’s veneers are finished with UV inhibitors, which ensures that sunlight and fluorescent light exposure doesn’t harm their colour and grain. Still, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

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Keep sharp objects away

Keep your wood veneered furniture away from any sharp objects. Generally, veneers with a durable finish can tolerate a fair amount of nicks and knocks. Nevertheless, projects involving wood veneer are typically delicate and sophisticated. Even a tiny scratch on the surface can appear deep and noticeable, denting the overall appearance of your furniture.

Apply polish to the finish for advanced protection

The best way to take care of wood veneer and ensure optimal maintenance is to polish it regularly. It is also recommended that you apply wood furniture protective products regularly on the veneers’ surface. A lot of advanced protection agents are available in the market that not only protect wood veneers from termites, but also have antibacterial and anti-viral properties, ensuring the extended durability of your furniture.

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