Natural veneer sheets present an environment-friendly, beautiful, and enduring surface solution for a variety of applications. They are a cost-effective alternative to hardwood that can introduce a premium appeal to any space. Different types of wood species are used to produce a whole range of wood veneer designs for all preferences. Natural veneer sheets are expertly cut from different log species to attain a range of grains, colours, contrasts, and effects. In this blog, we look at popular tree species used to manufacture wood veneers. 

Wood Species

Oak – Widely used for furniture for a host of reasons. It is highly resistant to rotting compared to other species in the deciduous wood category. Oak is known for producing beautiful and durable furniture that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Ash – Widely used to make architectural moulding and millwork, furniture, flooring, doors, cabinetry, tool handles, hockey sticks, baseball bats, oars, turnings, and natural veneer sheets. It has no taste, which makes it the go-to species for food containers.

Beech – Possess qualities that come close to those of oak. It is a “hard-wearing” wood that is non-porous, with a solid density and strong surface. It can better withstand pressure, chipping, and gouging, when compared to other species. 

Birch –  Birch wood boasts high strength, shock resistance, and crushing strength. It has high compressive strength and bending strength when compared with other woods. That is why it is widely used to make furniture, cabinets, and high-grade plywood. 

Aspen – Aspen is the best choice when it comes to producing food containers. It is lightweight and odorless, which is why it is frequently used to make cheese containers and baskets and all kinds of crates and boxes. The light coloured wood is popular for interiors of cabinets, and anywhere you need a light grain effect. 

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Alder – Alderwood is pliable but relatively soft, making it excellent for cabinetry, bedding, and other decorative furniture. It produces rustic, knotty veneer sheets that are a light pink to reddish tone that darkens with age. The veneers have a satiny, fine texture and tight, uniform grain and colour. 

Mahogany – Mahogany is one of the most outstanding wood species for beautiful and durable handmade furniture. It is a hard, rich and warm reddish-brown wood and makes an excellent choice for wood veneers.

 Teak – One of the strongest woods, teak is highly durable and can resist extreme weather, rotting, and warping. It is a dense and oily hardwood that is also very strong. Teak is a great choice for outdoor garden furniture as it can last for decades, even if left untreated. Teak veneers are a golden honey brown to a deep brown color that gets darker with time. The wood features a uniform coarse texture and medium porous grain.

Walnut – Walnut wood is strong and stable, with beautiful colour tones. American Walnut veneer surfaces will last a very long time, especially when given the right care. It is harder than most types of softwood, and the veneers can easily withstand the normal wear and tear caused by daily use.

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