Designing your interior space can be tricky. That being said, access to a plethora of free resources and interior design tips has, however, made things much easier. Guided by a few solid tips, you can easily design a stunning space. Generally speaking, good interior design focuses on optimizing space efficiently while boosting the overall aesthetic appeal. The main objective of interior design is to customize interiors holistically while maintaining a consistent theme. While you want your interiors to be stylish and may want to follow a trending design philosophy, keeping up with the current trends might sometimes get overwhelming. To help, in this blog post, we present an overview of some of the latest interior design trends. Read on.

1. Maximalism

With maximalism, more is more. Maximalism initially started as a style statement but is revolutionizing interior designs all over the world. The maximalist look mixes bold color patterns, textures, cultures, and shapes to adorn your rooms. If you would want to opt for maximalism when designing your interiors, you may have to look for exquisite and sophisticated interior decor items as well as surfacing solutions for your interior spaces. The intricate patterns of natural wood found on wood veneer designs can help you create interiors that reflect maximalism.

2. Warm Colours

Colors are a crucial element in interior design. Even the mere sight of tones including reds, yellows, browns, and tans make us feel warm and cozy. Among the various surfacing solutions popularly used in interior design, wood is the most sought after one for creating a warm look as it naturally has warm hues which add an element of sophistication to all types of interior spaces. Wood veneers for interior design, made from real wood, give you a sense of warmth and the rustic charm of wood for creating interiors dominated by warm colours.

3. Sustainable Design

The ongoing climate change has made everyone realize the importance of being environmentally conscious and seek to incorporate the principles of sustainability in their interiors. Sustainable design includes efficient and effective usage of resources, such as space and construction materials to minimize environmental impact and energy consumption. Making substitutions such as wood veneers in the place of hardwood furniture can help make sustainable design choices when shaping your interior spaces.

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The Last Word

Interior design should be aesthetically pleasing, affordable and environmentally sustainable while reflecting your personal style and tastes. With new chic trends such as maximalism and using bold colors instead of light, muted colors, interior design has adopted more modern practices. At Decowood, we offer eco-friendly surfacing solutions manufactured using sustainable and environmentally conscious techniques. Our wood veneer designs have the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, making them the perfect solution for your interior while keeping up with the latest trends. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements, call 18008330004, or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.