Decowood brings to you the ‘Perfect 10’, a collection of highly practical and aesthetically appealing 10-feet long wood veneers. Ideal for a range of commercial applications, the Perfect 10 collection allows designers and architects to cover high walls seamlessly, without any breaks or cuts. A few other noteworthy benefits of these 10-feet veneers include better utilisation of hardwood, flawless finish, and easy and quick installation. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we give you a brief overview of the Perfect 10 collection. Read on.

The 10-Feet Advantage

Compared to conventional wood veneer sheets, which are generally 8 feet long, the Perfect 10 collection offers you veneer sheets that are 10-feet long. Starting from increased ease of application to improved aesthetics, using 10-feet veneer sheets in commercial applications provides numerous benefits.

Variants on Offer

Decowood’s Perfect 10 collection is available in two key variants – flexible veneers and ply backing veneers. No matter which variant you choose, you can expect superior durability, stunning aesthetics, and long life.

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Flexible Veneers

Flexible veneers, as the name itself states, are known for their flexibility and ease of application. When compared to traditional wood veneers, flexible veneers are less restrictive and can be used for versatile applications. Manufactured using a technique known as fleece backing, flexible veneers are available in multiple thickness options.

Ply Backing Veneers

Ply backing veneers offer you the rustic charm of natural wood, along with the adaptability of plywood. They are manufactured through a unique process that involves pressing natural veneers on a Gurjan Base Ply by using our proprietary MITT technology.


The Perfect 10 collection is manufactured through a stringent 8-step process, ensuring that you get nothing but the best, both in terms of looks and performance. Here are the key features of the Perfect 10 collection:

Affordable and Flexible

The 10-feet long veneers give you the much needed flexibility to seamlessly install them across multiple surfaces. Thanks to our manufacturing process that promotes smart use of hardwood, the veneer sheets are made affordable and offer immense value for money.

Excellent Durability

Wood veneer sheets, unlike hardwood, come with a stable core and offer better dimensional stability. This makes veneer sheets immune to weather and temperature changes, allowing them to retain their looks and dimensions for the time to come.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Wood veneer sheets, owing to their manufacturing processes, use hardwood judiciously. With the 10-feet collection, the wastage of veneers during manufacturing is reduced by a significant proportion, making them an eco-friendly surfacing solution.


Wood veneers do not emit any toxic compounds such as VOCs after being installed. This makes them a safe and non-toxic option for high-traffic areas and commercial applications.

Get in Touch

The Perfect-10 collection’s range of wood veneers find applications across hotels, shopping malls, movie theatres, and airports, among other commercial properties. Available in three key offerings – Naturals, Teak, and Dyed/Rainbow, the 10-feet long veneer sheets from Decowood can be bought either finished, unfinished, or with a ready-to-use pre-polished finish. If you have any questions about the Perfect 10 collection or would like to learn more about our range of offerings, contact Decowood from Greenlam Industries at 18008330004, or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you.