Natural veneers are sliced from logs that are influenced by the tree’s geographic location, reaction with the soil composition and other environmental conditions. The intrinsic markings and patterns on natural wood veneers are not enhanced or altered in any way; they are an original work of art that can impart a natural look to any project. Natural veneers’ intricate grain, beauty, warmth, and colors are beyond comparison. From cracks and knots of special logs to the unique luster and grey appearance that woods gain over time, natural veneers make the world a lovely and rich comforting ambiance.

Advantages of Natural Veneer

The uniqueness of a tree and the singular beauty of their wood is a phenomenon that is almost impossible to duplicate. Unlike laminate and other artificial veneers, natural veneers have a warm, luxurious feel brought to life by its surrounding. The look of natural veneer sheets also changes along with the decor and light of a room. Decorative veneers can easily change from cool and sophisticated to warm and welcoming.

Also, the versatility of natural wood is unparalleled. Just as solid wood, decorative veneers can be renovated, repaired, stained, sanded or painted. Natural veneers offer a long-lasting visual appeal and better sustainability than solid pieces of wood.

Identifying Natural Wood Veneers

Shopping for a decorative veneer is not an easy task due to the proliferation of fake products. Without the basic knowledge about veneers, you may easily end up buying fakes. Here’s what you need to check out when making a purchase;

Examine the Grain Pattern

Ideal natural veneers are thin sheets cut off from tree logs, with grain pattern remaining ingrained on the veneer. Veneers with a uniform grain pattern can be assumed to be natural. Irregular patterns or overly perfect grain patterns may point to synthetically manufactured veneers.

Check for a Distinctive Smell

Natural wood has a distinct smell, so does natural wood veneers. If you’re not well acquainted with natural veneers, however, you may be misguided by artificial odors. Where confusion arises, seek expert guidance.

Check the Durability

Natural veneers are often hard and tough. When buying veneers, you can knock the sheets to assess their hardness. Keep in mind that different veneers have varying degrees of toughness.

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Wrap Up

Even after following the tips mentioned above, it is important to ensure that you go for products from a reputable veneer brand. Look out for brands with a proven track record and high trust score in the market. High quality natural decorative veneers remain a top choice among artisans and designers. Natural veneers let you experience the purest and rich natural treasures in different shades and finishes. If you are looking for the best of natural veneers, look no further than Decowood. Explore our range of premium wood veneers, crafted to impart a touch of elegance to any living space. If you have any questions, fill out our contact form or simply call 1800 833 0004.