Designing the interiors of a house requires creativity, inspiration, and suitable design elements. While the facade of a house may give the first impression to onlookers, it is the interiors that leave a lasting impression. When it comes to beautifying your interiors, the premium quality veneer sheets from Decowood have got you covered. If you are looking for some inspirational design ideas, this blog post lists some of the houses from around the world with extraordinarily beautiful interiors.

Maison Aux Jeurs

Located amid ancient pine forests and meadows of Switzerland, Maison Aux Jeurs is a modern version of the Swiss chalet designed by Lacroix Chessex. On the ground floor, the house has a living room and a music room separated by a V-shaped gallery. The floor above has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an office – all with mountain views. The interiors are designed at sharp angles, with honey-colored pine on the floor and walls – a perfect contrast for a comfortable look and feel. There are a few elements of pink rugs to add that element of romance.

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House in Brissago

Designed by Wespi De Meuron Architects, House in Brissago doesn’t give much away at a first glance. The entrance lies in a slot with a staircase going down to the main entrance. A monumental mass of shot-blasted concrete on the exteriors, the house towers over the large waters with mountains in the backdrop. The top floor has a kitchen and dining room, the floor below has an open-plan living area, and the bottom-most floor has the bedrooms, a fitness suite, and a cinema. With smoother concrete surfaces on the interior walls and bedrooms with minimalistic designs, the house is pure bliss to observe.


Built on a strip of land beside some train tracks in the Swiss suburbs, Flexhouse by Evolution Design screams anarchy through its unconventional, ribbon-like curved design and shape. The house has three living levels and a garage in the basement, with an open-design living room on the ground floor. The first floor houses two bedrooms, and the top floor has a studio and two terraces overlooking the Lake Zurich. The interiors are adorned in white walls and built-in panels in the walls, along with triple-glazed glass panels that offer insulation from the sounds of the trains.

Wrap Up

We hope the blog gave you a headstart for designing great interiors by helping you tap into your creative genius. While we believe you can create something amazing on paper, you will also need best-in-the-industry surfacing options to bring your ideas to life. That’s when you can count on the latest veneer designs from Decowood  to beautify your property’s interiors. To discuss your requirement, fill out our contact form or simply call +91 11 4279 1399.