Wood veneers, thin sheets of wood that are glued onto a surface, are susceptible to damages due to rough usage or harsh conditions. In addition, factors such as high humidity and continuous exposure to water may deteriorate the bonding strength of the adhesive used to stick the veneer. The good news is, minor damages and blemishes in wood veneers can be easily repaired. Read on as we discuss the basic steps to fix the minor damages in wood veneer panels.


Blister is a small area that swells up from the surface, which can be fixed with the use of an iron. Put a wax paper on the blister and cover it with a cardboard and then a soft cloth. Heat the area over the blister by moving the iron in a steady manner. Be careful not to touch the unaffected area with the iron. Do so until blister gets flat. Leave the cardboard over it until it cools down.


Bloat is just another name used for blisters that are relatively larger in size. Sometimes, it is bisected from the centre, which can open up the swollen area. You can try applying heat to the era to soften the existing adhesive. If the adhesive has , carefully scraped it out using a sharp knife or blade. You have to be careful about not scraping the base wood. After that, put in the new adhesive and then follow the same procedure of pressing it by iron and remove any extra adhesive.

Loose Veneer

Wood veneer can scrape off from the edges of the tabletops, drawers, cabinets and wood veneer panels. If the loose veneer is undamaged, then it could be repaired. Gently lift the veneer, without removing it further, and scare the old adhesive with sharp knife. Use the fine grit sandpaper to make the bonding surfaces smoother. Apply the fresh glue, spreading it evenly on both the surfaces. Press the veneer outward, towards the loose edge. Put some weight on it and leave it overnight.

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Wrap Up

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