Decorative veneer sheets are a popular surfacing material used on doors, tables, and other furniture items. Whether we talk about a residential or commercial project, choosing the right wood species, color, dimensions, and texture is key to getting the desired appeal. There are a few basic things to keep in mind while buying veneer sheets. This post delves into some of the points you need to remember. Take a look.

Application Visibility

Furniture such as reception counters, drawing-room tables, and front doors are in high visibility areas. In such places, you may use premium quality veneer sheets while other areas such as the undersides of cabinets and shelves can do with ordinary veneers. Such sensible use of veneers gives you the best results, both in terms of purpose and aesthetic appeal.

Right Backing Materials

Seasoned artisans and interior designers are aware of the importance of using quality backers while installing veneer sheets. In addition to the veneer sheets, the backing materials form a vital component of the installation. Whether it is the adhesive for bonding purposes or the substrate, choosing the right backing materials ensures the desired stability and durability in all projects.

Variations in Grain

Even veneers from within the same wood species will vary. As a natural product, trees feature many variations in grain, texture, and color. You’ll find that some tree species are more consistent than others in terms of texture and grain. To ensure consistency of surface in terms of texture, grain, and color, you must order veneer sheets manufactured from the same log. A log will usually produce 24 veneer sheets. Also, veneer sheet thickness is an important aspect to consider while buying one. Veneer sheet thickness may vary depending on the use.

Requirement Details

While ordering veneer sheets, provide as many details as you can. This is the only way to ensure you get what you need. Share specifications such as the exact measurements, types of cuts, quality, sequence matching, color, and veneer sheet thickness. Incomplete or incorrect details can be a cause for delay in order processing and delivery of the wrong material for the project.

Finding Matching Veneer

Sometimes, you may need to find a veneer that matches the one that you already have. This is especially so when you wish to continue with the same veneer sheet design for the purposes of consistency. In such cases, furnish the supplier with a sample of the existing piece to get a perfect match in terms of color, grain pattern, and finish.

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The Last Word

Choosing a veneer sheet that suits the taste and personality of a property owner is not an issue, given a large number of veneer sheet collections available. The only prerequisite is that you must define the requirement. If you are looking for premium engineered veneers, look no further than Decowood Veneers, a trusted veneer brand of Greenlam Industries. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our engineered wood veneers, simply call 1800 833 0004< or fill out our contact form.