When it comes to veneer sheets, the top factors deciding their quality are the growing conditions and location of the trees used for production. The trees that are grown in open areas with plenty of sunlight provide better finished products, with tighter rings and dense, durable timber. The best veneer sheets are made from trees that are straight, tall, and have consistent integrity throughout the trunk. The veneers in Decowood’s Noirwood collection, for instance, are made from the highest quality of exotic wood species, and manufactured through an advanced process that further enhances their overall appeal. There are many benefits of using wood veneers in your living spaces, some of which we will list in this blog post. Read on.

Get the Look and Feel of Real Wood

Veneers provide the natural appeal of real wood, minus any of the inherent vulnerabilities of hardwood such as warping and cracking. Wood veneers are slices of real wood, which is why it gives your living space a rich and sophisticated appeal that is usually associated with hardwood.

Easier on the Pocket

Despite being much more affordable than hardwood, wood veneers provide the same aesthetic appeal. As veneers are used only as the surface layer, the overall cost of furnishing is much lower compared to hardwood. That is one of the main reasons why an increasing number of designers and builders are turning to wood veneers.

Resistive Property

Various technologies are used in the manufacturing process of our Noirwood veneer sheets that result is a significant drop in their hygroscopicity. The result is enhanced thermal and dimensional stability. The process also stiffens the surface of veneers, thereby increasing its strength and virtually eliminating the chances of deformation or collapse during compression.


Veneers are also eco-friendlier than hardwood, as only thin slices of wood are utilized as the surface, rather than full logs being used. Real wood veneers allow you to reduce the carbon footprint of your property without compromising on aesthetics or damaging the environment. Moreover, Decowood plants ten saplings for every tree we use to manufacture wood veneers.

Color Fastness Property

The manufacturing process of wood veneers reduces the effect of ultraviolet radiation, which enhances their color fastness property. In other words, when you use wood veneers, you don’t have to worry about them fading with time, as is the case with many of the alternatives available on the market.

A Wide Array of Choices

Veneers are made from a wide array of exotic wood species such as Wenge, Mahogany, Oak and Teak. As each species of wood is different and has a unique grain pattern, each sheet of veneer is unique and patterns can neither be repeated nor mass produced.

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Wrap Up

The benefits of wood veneers we have listed in this blog post are some of the many you get when you invest wood veneer sheets. Browse through our collection of premium Noirwood veneers to discover a wide spectrum of shades, patterns, and finish options that can make any space come alive. So, what are you waiting for? Give your interiors that coveted, timeless look and feel with decorative smoked veneer sheets from the Noirwood collection. If you would like to learn more, fill out the contact form or simply call 1 800-833-0004.