Modern-day interior design emphasizes a balanced approach that includes uncompromised aesthetics, exceptional durability, and versatile use. In this quest, veneers have proven to be a reliable surfacing solution for interior designers and architects. Among veneers, smoked veneer sheets are an ideal option to impart a rustic and vintage appeal to interiors and furniture. However, installing smoked veneer sheets often raises several questions. Continue reading as we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about smoked veneer sheets.

What are smoked veneer sheets? 

“Smoked Veneers” refers to veneers made from wood that has been fumigated. This process helps to smooth out tone variances and achieve a hazelnut to deep chocolate colour with a natural gloss. Variations in the tannic acid concentration of the wood generate light and dark tones throughout this procedure. Interiors with smoked veneer offer a rich appearance.

Where can I use smoked veneers? 

The applications for smoked veneers depend on the overall theme of the interior. These include furniture, doors, and cabinet & cupboard panels. As mentioned earlier, smoked veneers impart a vintage & rustic appearance to the interior space, making it crucial to position other elements to reaffirm the overall theme. One can experiment with sequences of veneer sheets placed adjacently to highlight contrast.

What are the benefits of using smoked veneers? 

Deploying smoked veneers is an excellent option to give your interiors & furniture an eccentric and exciting appearance. Some attributes that set smoked veneers apart are:

  • Exceptional Durability: Glued together with strong adhesives, these smoked veneers provide longevity to the furniture and interiors as they are not prone to the same ageing effect (and warping & cracking) as solid wood.
  • Exotic Appearance: Carefully made from exquisite exotic tree species that have been fumigated, smoked veneers enhance the appearance with a rich aura and style that comes in various textures and shades.
  • Minimal Upkeep: Other than routine cleaning such as dry mopping and dusting, smoked veneers don’t require any extra efforts to keep the sheen of the surface intact.

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What are the different options available in smoked veneers? 

When it comes to exploring the different options in smoked veneers, the choices can be endless. From Smoked Larch to Austrian smoked walnut veneer to Smoked Knotty Oak, we house a spectrum of aesthetically alluring options to cater to your requirements for both commercial and residential applications. At Decowood Veneers, we provide an extensive collection of grain patterns, colour tones, sizes & species, veneer cut, and thickness to help you transform your interior spaces.

How do I maintain smoked veneers? 

When it comes to maintaining smoked veneers, the checklist is limited to routine dusting & dry mopping. To maintain the sheen of the natural veneer, it is vital to use polishes based on the nature of surfaces, such as PU polish or Melamine polish.

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