Beautifying residential and commercial spaces comes easy with decorative wood veneers. Wood veneer is a thin sheet of real wood that offers the appeal of natural wood, minus the exorbitant cost that comes with using hardwood. To get a better understanding of the world of wood veneer sheets, it helps to know some of the terms related to the surface solution. Such knowledge enables you to explore a range of new applications and enhance the scope of your creative use of wood veneer. On that note, we present seven common terms related to wood veneer sheets. Take a look.

1. Burl Veneer

Burl veneer is made up of burl wood that grows in an unusual and entirely distorted manner. It is rich brown in color and the grain pattern typically resembles small “eyes” surrounded by wildly distorted grain. The burl grains make the wood extremely dense and resistant to splitting.

2. Bubble Free Veneer

Bubble free veneer is a sheet of any wood species applied to a double paper layer of two 10 mil papers, using a moisture-resistant thermoset glue. The thickness of the overall backer is 22 mils, and that’s why it is also known as “twenty-two mil” veneer.

3. Crotch Veneer

Crotch veneer is produced from the portion of the tree just below the point where it forks into two limbs. The grain is twisted, creating a variety of flame figures. The pattern often resembles a well-formed feather.

4. Flexible Veneer

The flexible veneer is a sheet of wood that is joined, processed, sanded, and backed with paper or some other material to create a fully ready-to-use dimensional sheet of real wood veneer.

5. PSA Veneer

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive or PSA veneer is also known as peel and stick veneer. PSA veneer is a self-adhesive veneer that doesn’t require the glue and is usually used similarly as a contact paper is used.

6. Spliced Face Veneer

Spliced face veneers are wood sheets that have been joined in any one of several matching effects through a careful factory process of tapeless splicing.

7. Stump Veneer

Stump veneer is a curly figured veneer produced from the root or stump of a tree. The grain pattern is always swirly twisted and often accompanied by crossfire and patches of burl. The sizes are normally small.

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