Figure is the wavy texture across the surface of wooden veneer sheets that gives the impression of an uneven surface even though it is smooth and flat. The effect is visible because of the light that is reflected on the uneven arrangements of veneer fibers. Figures are created due to the blending and wrinkling of the growth rings due to uneven bark pressure, wind, and indentation on trees by vines. They are unique to each tree and vary in natural luster and density. Their unique character enhances the texture of the wood and makes furniture pieces unique and beautiful. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we discuss six types of veneer figures you can choose from for your veneer designs for doors. Read on!

1. Stripe Grain

Stripe grain is one of the most popular wooden veneer figures, especially for doors and windows. It is a figure of contrasting stripes that are veining in the direction of the grain. Stripe grain figures can be obtained through quarter cutting to give a unique and elegant look to furniture items.

2. Cathedral

Cathedral is one of the most popular and highly demanded figures used on furniture of both residential and commercial spaces. These are figures of elegant ‘U’ and ‘V’ shaped grains that are obtained by crown cutting with an arching shape.

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3. Half-cathedral

Half-cathedral is quite similar to cathedral and is also one of the most sought-after and popular figures used in commercial, industrial, and residential establishments. Although they are similar to cathedral structures, they have half ‘U’ and half “V’ grain formations which make them one of a kind.

4. Pommele

Pommele means dappled in French. These structures create a three-dimensional effect on wooden veneer surfaces because of their dense and random grain pattern. Pommele figures are most often present in wood such as Dauka, Sapele, and Bubinga.

5. Cluster

Cluster figures are obtained when blogs that are partially burled undergo rotary slicing to create marvel, burl-like clusters of different shapes and sizes. The figures are known for their unique appearance and can help create an elegant and modern look in residential and commercial spaces.

6. Burls

Burls figures are one of the most popular figures when it comes to veneer designs for doors. They are generally formed when rare wood results from unorganized grains due to beautiful splitting and wrapping during growth. This settlement creates unique and elegant grain patterns.

Wrap Up

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