Creating a luxurious and plush-looking bedroom doesn’t necessarily require breaking the bank. By paying attention to the little details and implementing skillful planning, you too can bring the look of a luxurious boutique hotel into your bedroom. From implementing exquisite yet budget-friendly wood veneers to choosing the right colour palette, we’ve put together a simple guide with five essential tips to help you design a luxurious bedroom on a budget. Take a look.

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1. Pick a Relaxing Colour Palette

Colour is one of the most important aspects that influences the overall mood and vibe of a bedroom. Based on what several seasoned interior designer experts say, a neutral colour palette featuring colours such as pale blues, whites, and beiges can help create a rejuvenating and a serene mood in a bedroom. To notch things up, you can also add neutral upholstery work which is best suited for creating a more calming appeal.

2. Implement the Triple Sheeting Method

The triple sheeting method is a lesser-known hotelier secret for creating a comfortable and cushy bed. Here’s how you can implement this method in your bedroom: Add an extra layer of a thin blanket or a comforter sheet between two freshly starched bed linen sheets. While a commercial facility such as a hotel needs frequent laundering and upkeep, linen and blankets used in a residential setting require relatively less maintenance.

3. Let the Pillows Pile Up

Several popular bedroom interiors feature a huge number of pillows piled up on the bed. Generally speaking, this highly sought-after pillow-look can be created by combining a couple of large European-sized pillows alongside two-to-three regular sized pillows. To avoid a suffocating look due to the increased number of pillows, make sure that the pillows don’t exceed a quarter of your bed’s length.

4. Choose the Right Lighting

It is essential to pick the right lighting solutions for the different zones in your bedroom. From the sleeping space to the reading corner, choose lighting that best suits the needs and necessities of a specific zone within your bedroom. For optimal comfort and an ideal sleeping environment, it is advisable to install dim and low-key lights around your bed. Coming to the workspace or a reading corner, installing a bright lamp is suggestible. Likewise, pay attention to the different zones in your bedroom and choose appropriate lighting accordingly.

5. Invest in Exquisite Surfacing Solutions

Exquisite surfacing solutions such as wood veneers offer a rich appeal and excellent performance at an affordable price point. From furniture elements such as tables, chairs, and dressers to ceilings, floors, and walls, wood veneers find applications everywhere. Not only do veneers add the touch and warmth of wood, but they also improve the durability and lifespan of the underlying surfaces. Browse through the exhaustive collection of wood veneer design at Decowood Veneers to choose the best veneer design.

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Final Word

Designing a luxurious bedroom simply requires you to think smart and apply some lesser-known techniques such as triple sheeting, choosing the right colour palette, using pillows of various sizes and appropriate lighting, and investing in the right surfacing solutions such as veneers. A division of the surfacing solution behemoth Greenlam Industries, Decowood Veneers is a trusted name for superior grade decorative wood veneers offering a myriad of exciting features such as better dimensional stability, enhanced grain pattern, termite and borer resistant, and a wide range of veneer sheets designs from which to choose. If you wish to discuss your requirements or learn more about available wood veneer designs, simply call 1800 833 0004 or fill out our contact form.