Available in various types, veneers have a large number of applications. When out to buy and install veneers for your project, there is a lot that you have to be mindful of, to make sure that every element comes out as desired. Touching base with all the important considerations also helps ensure that the project stays on budget and schedule. Decowood offers a wide array of premium quality veneers in different categories, including the much sought-after engineered veneers. To help put you in the know, this blog delves into 5 golden rules of buying and installing veneer sheets.

1. Know Veneer Terminology

To get the best veneer for your requirement, it always helps to know the terminology associated with the surfacing solution. Some of the common terminology that you must know include figure types and standard cut. The knowledge helps you better describe your requirement and eliminate chances of any confusion.

2. Get the Right Glue and Backing combination

Always make sure to choose the right combination of glue and backing. Your choice must be informed by the gluing method in use, the choice of substrate and the strength that is desired from the application. Some substrates, such as MDF, require sanding of the surface before application.

3. Consider the Application Area

When working on an application that requires premium quality veneers, you cannot go wrong with engineered veneers. Especially when it comes to large commercial spaces, engineered veneers make an ideal option as they promise impeccable consistency regardless of the number or area of sheets needed for the job. Other areas where engineered wood veneers make the perfect surfacing option include drawers, backs, underside, and inside furniture pieces.

4. Select a Suitable Application Method

Make sure you select a suitable application method to apply veneers. That is because different application methods are suitable for different applications and conditions. The common methods include the traditional hammer veneering and contemporary vacuum press veneering.

Talk to a Product Expert

When in doubt about your requirement or looking to experiment a bit during installation, it is always advisable to buy a little extra. If your requirement is for large amounts of matching veneer sheets, engineered wood veneer may be just the right surfacing choice for you. Browse through our decorative veneer collection or talk to a product expert. For more info, simply call 1-800-833-0004 (Toll-Free) or +91-11-4279-1399. You can also Message Us or write to us at info@decowoodveneers.com.