Wood veneer sheets present the finest of wooden textures that make for great decorative surfaces. Veneers are in general, obtained by cutting rectangular blocks of wood or by peeling the tree trunk directly into thin slices. In short, if there are four pieces of solid wood you can get from a log, you can get hundreds of wood veneers from the same log. This makes the sheets easily available and affordable to make beautiful interiors. Read on to find out more about why you should choose veneer sheets.

Aesthetically Appealing

If you want your furniture and your house to look like the home of aesthetics, then veneer sheets are the right choice for you. Decorative veneer sheets come in numerous designs that you can use to make your furniture look plush. What’s more, veneer sheets are made from the finest quality logs that you can find, making them even more premium.


Usage of veneer sheets not only gives your furniture greater charm and increased value but also boosts the overall strength quotient of the furniture item as well. Veneers are made by bringing together several thin layers of wood with adhesives, which makes them more resistant to everyday wear. Naturally, this increases the lifespan of furniture as well.

Eco friendly

Veneer sheets, as we mentioned earlier, are made by peeling or slicing a lumber or a log of hardwood. The thickness of a standard veneer is around 0.6 mm, whereas the thickness of a wood cut is no less than 3 cm. Veneer sheets, therefore, reduce the wastage of wood, making them an eco friendly surfacing solution.

Non toxic

Wood veneers are non-toxic in nature as they do not produce any harmful emissions of VOCs. Using adhesives and substrates that do not have a formaldehyde base completely reduces the scope of producing VOCs, making wood veneers a safe surfacing solution.


Veneer sheets have umpteen applications, making them a very practical solution to consider. Usage of wood veneer sheets for interior applications is generally recommended as they can easily be applied across curved surfaces without any hassles. If you are looking to experiment with various designs and would like an uncompromising experience, decorative veneer sheets are a worthy consideration.

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The Last Word

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