Natural wood veneers are a popular choice due to their enduring quality, visual appeal and sustainability. The economic usage of wood makes premium quality veneers more readily available and cost-effective. They are a great alternative to expensive wood and other surfacing solutions. In this blog post, we present five compelling reasons to choose natural wood veneers for your surfacing needs. Continue reading to know more.

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1. Eco Friendliness

Wood veneers are recyclable, unlike other types of veneers and surfacing solutions that use chemicals. They can be re-used as wood waste and the product obtained after recycling is equally as useful. It is made from non-toxic adhesives and is safe to use. The amount of wood needed to make veneers ensures optimum usage of increasingly scarce tree species. It takes only a thin layer of wood to make furniture as opposed to whole logs when it comes to hardwood furniture. Wood veneers are environmentally-friendly and promote good hygiene.

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2. Versatility

Wood veneers offer ample room for design experiments. This can be achieved by modifying the shade of wood, application of polish or varnish to suit your requirements. Each veneer has a different pattern, making it unique and eliminating the chance of repetition in terms of design. It is relatively easy to apply to curved surfaces, leaving you with endless design possibilities and applications.

3. Low VOC Emission

Natural veneers are non-toxic in nature and help improve indoor air quality. The water-based glues used in Decowood veneers contain low Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, which makes them safe to humans and animals. A high level of VOCs can cause harmful emissions resulting in contaminated air. This quality sets them apart from other solutions that use chemicals and can cause harm to people and the environment.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

If you want to elevate your interiors or transform the ambience of your work spaces, wood veneers are your best bet. They are a classic choice and give off a luxurious aura. Architects and interior designers around the world prefer natural veneers for their elegance and natural aesthetic appeal.

5. Value for Money

Wood veneers let you enjoy all the benefits of hardwood: the look and finish and at an affordable price. They replicate real wood brilliantly and are resistant to shrinking and warping too. Wood veneers offer exceptional durability and sustainability, all at a fraction of what would otherwise be an expensive affair when it comes to hardwood. They have an exquisite appeal and enduring quality.

Last Word

Only the finest quality of logs from around the world are used to make veneers. This helps in producing a wide range of high quality natural veneers to suit different decor and style requirements. Natural veneers are highly durable and give you the benefits of hardwood at an affordable price. Decowood from the house of Greenlam Industries offers a variety of wood veneers to enhance your interiors. Flip through our catalogue or get in touch with our business managers to explore available options. For more details, call us on our toll-free number 1800 833 0004 or fill out our contact form.