When it comes to interior surfacing materials, wood veneers are, undoubtedly, one of the most sought-after premium options. They have the ability to transform the look and feel of any space. Apart from the elegance and natural touch they impart to any decor, another advantage of engineered wood veneers is that they are a cost effective material. Available in a variety of patterns, colors, and designs, wood veneers give you various options for any interior décor. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the ways you can add a wow factor to your home using wood veneers.

1. Make an Excellent First Impression

The main door is the first thing that visitors notice about your home, although it is often ignored. Make your home entrance present an excellent first impression by using wood veneer as a surfacing material for your entry door. There is a variety of grain patterns to choose from when it comes to wood veneers, allowing you to go for premium and exotic wood species that would otherwise be expensive to buy as hardwood doors.

2.  Create a Statement Wall

You can use wood veneers to create a personalized space or a statement wall. Opt for custom digitally printed wood veneers to showcase class and your personality.  You can also add some comfy furniture and some artwork to create a space that harmonizes with your style and taste. The Specials veneer range from Decowood offers you a variety of digitally printed wood veneers that can instantly transform any ordinary wall into a statement wall.

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3. Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Wardrobes

Take your home wardrobes to the next level with wood veneer designs. You can choose the best wardrobe veneers from hundreds of designs and color options to create a perfect backdrop for your shoes, purses, clothes, and other accessories and give them a glamorous look and feel.

4.  Create a Staircase Wall

The staircase is often overlooked when planning interior design and during home renovation projects. Bold engineered wood veneer sheets with a custom stain can help convert an ordinary staircase into a masterpiece by creating a staircase wall. The strength and scratch-resistance of engineered veneers ensure that the wall will keep looking new for a long time with minimal maintenance.

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