Veneers are an evergreen surface material when it comes to furnishing a bedroom. They are versatile and have many applications in bedroom decor. From acoustic panels to statement headboards and veneer false ceilings, decorative veneers are a preferred furnishing option.  Contemporary homeowners are constantly exploring how the latest veneer designs for bedrooms can help create charming bedroom decor. Greenlam Decowood offers top-quality veneers that can be used to beautify bedrooms with their timeless and elegant appeal. In this blog, we look at four design ideas using veneers for your bedroom:

1. Give Wardrobe a Timeless Look

Wood wardrobes never go out of style. A veneer wardrobe can perfectly complement any bedroom decor theme. Go for glossy veneer finish cabinets to break the monotony of matte textures in the bedroom. Choose according to your style and interior decor from the latest veneer designs for the bedroom across a variety of designs and textures.

2. Use Light and Dark Colours for Contrast

Offset bold colour choices for veneer designs for the bedroom with light walls and fixtures. Allow a dark veneer headboard or a veneer wall panel to capture eyeballs by complementing it with a understated decor. Choosing the right shade of veneer is necessary to ensure you play up certain aspects of a bedroom without crowding accents. Brazilian Ipe, Vintage Larch and Madrona Burl wood are some of the many appealing dark coloured wood veneer variants from Greenlam Decowood. You can also match bold colours with softer wood variants such as Ash Ember and Ash Dyed sandal wood.


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3. Go For Wood Patterns for the Bed and Headboard

Create contemporary bedroom decor by opting for natural wood veneer designs for the bed headboard. Make the headboard a focal point in the bedroom by installing an appealing paneling design of decorative veneer. You can also go all out by taking the headboard to the ceiling. Install accent lights or spotlights that bring focus to the headboard.

4. Add Modest Artwork with a Veneer Finish

Give your bedroom a touch of elegance with a contemporary piece of art placed against a veneer backdrop. Abstract veneer wall panels or motifs are timeless decor elements for a bedroom. Complete the look by hanging a painting or designer clock on the wall to complement the veneer colour. You can also hang an accent light piece above the artwork to make it an eye-catching nook.

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Greenlam Decowood has been beautifying spaces for years by infusing creativity into every piece of work and turning it into pieces of sheer beauty. The wood is sourced from the most celebrated wood species around the world, before it can be turned into intricate pieces of art. Decowood presents the largest collection of veneers with over 200 treasured species of wood like the Venge Mahogany and Oak. Veneers are cost-effective environmentally-friendly alternatives to hardwood. They are a durable, sturdy and abrasion-resistant surface material that is ideal for residential and commercial applications.  Choose from top-quality veneer designs for your bedroom to bring out your dream décor. Call 1800 833 0004 or e-mail us at to get answers to all your questions about veneer designs for the bedroom and the latest wood veneers for cabinets and other applications.