Veneers are one of the most common furnishing materials in all types of bedrooms. Wood veneers are known for their elegance, durability, and versatility. They are suitable for installation on wardrobes, doors, wall units, bed frames, wall panels, and flooring. Many homeowners often adopt a conservative approach when choosing veneer colours for the bedroom. Veneers for bedrooms are available in different designs that give a splash of colour to your interiors. Greenlam Decowood offers world-class wood veneers in different textures, colours and finishes. When looking for bedroom veneer designs, let’s look at four options to consider.

1. Plum Veneers

Create a relaxed and cozy environment in the bedroom with lush plum veneers. Warm tones of Brown Red, Dark Brown, Grey, Ivory, Light Brown, and White veneers create the ideal atmosphere to usher sleep and serenity. Plum Veneers beautifully complement copper or brass accessories and hardware. Greenlam Decowood offers a range of veneer designs in shades of mauve and plum. You can also opt for a checker or parquet print from African redwoods. It is the ideal choice for focal walls and wardrobes. Choose from A+ grade veneers that are warp-free and made from some of the best wood species.

2. Steel Grey Veneers

This unique colour is a rarity when it comes to bedroom veneer designs. Greenlam Decowood offers koto dyed steel grey veneer sheets that are certain to transform your bedroom. The beautiful colour perfectly complements both bright and nude accessories. It is a timeless veneer colour that holds its own even with evolving trends. Grey veneers are a great furnishing solution for doors, wardrobes, furniture, and headboards.

3. Ash Black Veneers

Black and white is a timeless combination when it comes to furnishing living spaces. Dyed ash black veneers set the tone for contemporary interior design. Complement the look with white or ivory walls and flooring to create a modern and minimalistic bedroom. The colour combination is best suited for large spaces and bedrooms to allow the reflection of light. Greenlam Decowood offers black coloured veneer sheets made from the finest ash wood from Italy.

4. Rust Teak Veneer

Rust is a unique colour that suits both residential and commercial decor. Pair rust-coloured wardrobes and doors with ivory walls to offset the zesty colour. Teak is a dense and sturdy wood variant that can stand the test of time and retain its sheen for years. The veneers are a product of fine craftsmanship and meet a range of international quality standards.

About Greenlam Decowood

Decowood Veneers is a decorative veneers brand from Greenlam industries that has been in existence since 2002. It is India’s largest selling decorative veneers brand. Whether you want ply backing veneer, veneered MDF, veneered particle board, veneered laminates, or flexible veneers, you are at home with Greenlam Decowood. To discuss your requirements and get answers to all your questions about veneers for the bedroom and other design options, call 1800 833 0004 or email