Wood veneer sheets are one of the preferred surfacing materials in living and work spaces. They offer amazing aesthetics and performance in all conditions. You have a wide array of options in terms of colors, textures, and finishes which allows you to be creative and easily bring your desired design to life. You also have the option of going with engineered veneers which can replicate the same design over large surfaces. It is important to select your wood veneers carefully to bring out the right look and feel of the spaces. Read on as we discuss some useful tips to select the best wood veneers for your home.

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1. Choose a Leading Manufacturer

Choosing a reputable manufacturer of wood veneer sheets is important as it assures you of quality products and customer service. Leading manufacturers such as Decowood Veneers offer wood veneers crafted from logs that are procured through sustainable means from across the world. Go for wood veneers that comply with all the relevant testing standards and certifications. Additionally, a reliable manufacturer will provide comprehensive after-sales service and a solid product warranty.

2. Pick an Optimum Thickness

The thickness of wood veneer sheets is an important factor to consider as it has implications on installation, performance, maintenance, and longevity. It is recommended to get veneer sheets with an optimum thickness to allow for any refinishing (re-sanding and repolishing) that may become necessary in the future to restore their aesthetics. If not chosen carefully in line with the intended application, re-sanding may expose the surface beneath the veneer and could ruin your decor’s whole look and feel. Also, thinner veneers are more likely to chip, depending on the application.

3. Go for Engineered Wood Veneers 

Natural wood veneers are an excellent choice when looking to give your living spaces a touch of nature but they might not be a good choice for very large spaces. Large quantities of veneers cannot be produced from a single log of wood and selecting veneers sliced from different logs can lead to variations in color and design even if they are sliced from the same species of wood. Engineered veneers, on the other hand, are manufactured through a patented process that creates consistent designs on a large scale. They are crafted from some of the finest wood species sourced from around the world and aime to expertly reconstitute and reproduce nature’s most exquisite grain patterns.

4. Choose Prefinished Designs

Applying a finish on wood veneer sheets may seem a simple task but require extensive expertise. It is therefore recommended to opt for prefinished veneers as the manufactures have the required expertise as well as necessary equipment that could give your veneers a perfect look and feel. If you choose to finish the veneers on your premises, it can lengthen the project timeline unnecessarily and even a slight mistake may ruin the entire look of the veneer.

About Decowood Veneers

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