Wood surfaces have always been a symbol of style and luxury. Despite the emergence of countless building materials, wooden interiors continue to be one of the most chosen options to make a style statement. Acknowledging the wood’s natural charm, a large number of interior designers and developers have been favoring the use of wood veneers for an array of applications. Read on to find out the many benefits that make them an ideal surface material for your project.

1. Exceptional Stability and Durability

There’s no doubt that wood provides unparalleled beauty. Solid wood, however, lacks in stability and durability as it is prone to warping and cracking. Wood veneers, on the other hand, provide the same beauty minus the vulnerabilities. Decowood veneers, with their unique TD technology, promise unmatched value for money, thanks to exceptional resistance to warping and cracking, and dimensional stability.

2. Virtually Endless Choices

No matter what look you have in mind for your property, wood veneers are the perfect option to achieve it. Wood veneers can be made out of over 200 exotic wood species that give you ample choices to manifest any creative vision. Decowood has an extensive range of wood veneers, catalogued in four different collections: Naturals, Teak, Noir and Engineered, offering distinct appeals and attributes.

3. Environmentally-Conscious Production

One of the downsides of using hardwood is the impact it has on the world’s forests. Wood veneers, on the other hand, reduce the consumption of natural resources, while still allowing you to incorporate the beauty of natural wood in your property. Decowood’s great concern for the environment is further attested by our FSC certification that is awarded to companies that responsibly manage forests.

4. More Affordable than Solid Wood

Solid hardwood is not only unstable, but it is also very expensive. You can, however, get your hands on high-quality exotic wood veneers for a much lower price. Real wood veneers give you a unique way to save money and also enjoy the appeal of the most exotic wood species sourced from around the world The balance between savings and quality makes Decowood veneers a favorite among property owners.

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Wrap Up

Wood veneers are in vogue in the interior design world, and for all the right reasons. Give your property a sophisticated appeal using Decowood’s exquisite real wood veneer options. Want to use wood veneers into your project but unsure how to proceed? We are here to help! Learn more about how to use wood veneers in your property by calling us at 1800 833 0004 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.