Commonly known as recomposed or man-made veneer sheets, engineered wood veneer is now an increasingly popular surfacing solution for both commercial and residential spaces alike. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, engineered veneer sheets are easier to produce when compared to natural wood veneers and are more affordable as well. Decowood Veneers has been consistently producing top-quality wood veneer sheets and offers a huge collection of engineered veneer to choose from. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share four reasons to buy our engineered veneer sheets. Read on.

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1. Globally Sourced Top-Quality Wood

Only the top-notch quality of hardwood is used for producing wood veneer sheets, giving them the true elegance and rustic charm of wood. You can also take your pick from a wide variety of designs and colour choices without having to compromise on any front. The designs and patterns that would generally cost you a fortune in hardwood would come at a much affordable price when it comes to engineered or natural wood veneers.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The TD technology and MITT technology helps improve the overall performance quotient as well as aesthetic appeal of our engineered veneer sheets. While the TD technology adds extra depth to the patterns on the veneer, the MITT technology helps reinforce the bonding between the veneer sheets and ply base. What’s more, the MITT technology is proprietary to Decowood, ensuring that you get a special advantage with our engineered veneer sheets.

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3. Excellent Performance and Consistency

All the wood used in producing our range of veneer sheets is well-seasoned, making them immune to common defects such as warping and splitting. Veneer sheets, be it engineered or natural, offer uniform consistency in terms of design, which is not the case with hardwood. Going for an engineered veneer finishing, therefore, allows you to enjoy uniform design consistency, excellent performance, and longevity.

4.Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Although wood veneers in general are environmentally friendlier when compared to hardwood, Decowood goes the extra mile and ensures that all the wood sourced for our veneers are made from responsibly managed forest reserves. Moreover, the waste produced during manufacturing our veneer sheets are fully recyclable. By using only water-based glues, our veneers do not emit any VOCs, making them completely safe for indoor usage.

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Wrap Up

Wood veneers are an eco friendly surfacing solution that can help you elevate your interiors without requiring you to spend a fortune. Whether you’re looking for engineered or natural veneer sheets, look no further than Decowood. Giving you the right blend of performance and aesthetics, our veneers are environment friendly, long-lasting, aesthetically appealing, and come with a comprehensive warranty. To learn more about our range of engineered wood veneer solutions, simply call 18008330004. You can also fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.