When it comes to designing or refurbishing home furniture, you can never go wrong with engineered wood veneers. They can replicate natural textures and color tones of different wood species while giving you design consistency. Add to this, you get the premium look and feel of real wood at an affordable cost. This blog explores a few key benefits of using engineered wood veneers for furniture.

Eye-Catching Elegant Designs

Engineered wood veneers are available in a wide range of textures allowing you to give your furniture a unique look. You can add a touch of luxury to your furniture with wood veneer designs such as Mocha Oak, Ivory Ayous, and RoseWood. There is a range of other collections from which you can choose to complement other decor elements such as your flooring and walls to create a seamless design.

Extended Durability

Engineered wood veneers are specially designed to maintain their sheen and integrity for a very long time. Veneers are slices of different species of woods that can easily add an alluring touch to any furniture it is applied on. The reinforced structure of such engineered wood veneers offers much higher durability than standard veneers and gives your furniture an additional layer of protection against damaging agents.


Engineered veneer sheets are made from some of the finest wood species from around the world and glued together to form blocks to imitate the appeal of natural wood. The tree heals over time and can be used to obtain more slices for engineered veneer. This reduces the cost of such engineered wood veneers drastically as opposed to buying natural veneers made from rare species of wood.

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Easy Maintenance

Engineered wood veneers are not very demanding when it comes to maintenance. Routine maintenance such as dusting every once in a while with a soft dry cloth or tissue is enough to keep your furniture looking its best. In the event of visible marks and stains, an appropriate cleaning solution can help to get the surface clean. Remember not to go overboard when using cleaning solutions as frequent or prolonged exposure to chemicals can dull their appearance.

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