Engineered veneer sheets are an excellent choice when looking for an efficient and elegant surfacing solution for commercial spaces. They give you design consistency over large areas, are second to none when it comes to the features and benefits, and come in myriad designs. Veneer sheets allow you to create your own unique interior designs for specific areas to give a distinct look and feel to commercial spaces. In this blog, we take a look at some of the common applications of veneer sheets in different commercial spaces. 

Retail Spaces

It is important to create attractive and alluring retail spaces to ensure that you draw customers to your business. Engineered veneer sheets can help give the retail spaces a striking appearance and ensure that different sections have a unique style. In addition, veneer sheets can be used to redesign old retail spaces to give them a new lease of life at affordable cost. The veneers can also act as a background and critical part of your product display.

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Hospitals need to have a comforting and relaxing aura and veneer sheets can play a central role in the design. You can incorporate veneer sheets when planning small aspects of the hospital interior decor such as when installing care lighting fixtures. Soft color engineered veneer sheets are guaranteed to give hospital spaces a soothing touch. You can create unique designs for different hospital rooms such as the children’s ward and elderly ward to create different atmospheres that are suitable for the patients.

Office Lobbies

Office interior design has an impact on a variety of things including productivity and employee morale. Designing a lively office is guaranteed to keep the employees relaxed and energetic throughout the day, promoting high work efficiency. While traditional solutions may not be enough to bring out the desired design, engineered veneer sheets give you countless options. The wide range of designs and finishes are guaranteed to help create unique and comfortable lobbies and work spaces.


The ambiance of a cafe is the key to its success and one of the few aspects that influence customer experiences. The stiff competition in the industry also makes it important to make sure that you get your design just right. Engineered veneer sheets can bring natural patterns and designs into your cafe to complement other design elements. Their premium appeal helps create an upscale design that helps attract customers. 

About Decowood 

Decowood, a decorative veneer brand offered by Greenlam Industries, is guaranteed to help you give life to your unique design with the help of its wide range of high-quality engineered veneer sheets. Engineered veneers present an innovative approach to real wood veneers that expertly reconstitutes and reproduces nature’s most exquisite grain patterns. Engineered through a patented process, it creates consistent designs on a large scale that is the best fit for the hospitality segment. For answers to all your questions, fill out our contact form or email You can also call us at +91-11-4950-1499 or 1800-833-0004 (Toll-Free) or download our app on Google Play Store and App Store.