Engineered wood veneers are an excellent alternative to natural wood veneers. Unlike traditional wood veneers, engineered wood veneers are made by gluing multiple thin layers of wood together under high heat and pressure, resulting in a highly durable, versatile, and consistent-looking product that is ideal for use in various commercial spaces. With the natural grain patterns, they provide an exceptional and sleek look to your space. You can install them as wall panels or use them to decorate your furniture and wardrobe. For high-quality engineered wood veneers, look no further than Greenlam – Decowood, a leading supplier of premium quality veneers in the industry. In this article, we will present four commercial spaces where you can use engineered wood veneers to enhance their visual appeal and functionality.


The appearance of an office can have a significant impact on a business’s success. A beautifully designed office space creates a good first impression on clients, customers, and employees, making them feel welcomed and comfortable. It can also inspire creativity among employees, increasing their morale and engagement. Incorporating engineered wood veneers into various office spaces, such as workstations and conference rooms, can infuse creativity and beauty into the space. This, in turn, can help attract numerous talented employees, potential clients, and customers. 


The interior design of a gym plays a significant role in attracting and motivating people. A visually appealing and well-designed setting can provide a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere, while a plain concrete wall setting may look dull and mundane. Engineered wood wall panels are available in different color tones that can motivate people to do different types of exercises. For example, the use of fresh hues can give an adrenaline rush to people doing power building, while the use of subtle tones can provide a calm and tranquil environment for people doing holistic exercises.


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Restaurants are places where people go to eat, and a decorative and impressive setting can help build a great customer experience and ensure a good reputation. Reputable brands, such as Decowood, use the finest wood species veneer to craft their engineered wood veneers. Each engineered wood offers a unique charm that can provide an exceptional look to any space where it is used. With a wide range of design collections to choose from, you can provide your restaurant with an impressive and dynamic look by incorporating these engineered wood veneers.

Retail Outlets

An aesthetically appealing retail outlet can attract customers, enhance their shopping experience, and communicate the brand image. The unique design and layout of a retail store can enhance the brand image and help distinguish it from competitors. Reputable brands like Decowood offer engineered wood veneers in different color tones, styles, grain patterns, and designs to provide an exceptional look to your retail store. Incorporating these veneers can help create a visually appealing and unique space that can enhance the overall retail experience for customers.

About Greenlam Decowood 

Engineered wood veneers offer a more consistent design over large surfaces when compared with natural wood veneers. They are free from surface knots and other natural characteristics of different wood species, except the grain. They make a great surfacing solution for wardrobes, furniture, and walls. When it comes to buying high-quality engineered wood veneer, Greenlam – Decowood gives you access to unmatched quality and choice. We are India’s largest premium wood veneer supplier, helping in beautifying spaces and bringing people’s decorative ideas to life for two decades. To place an order or get more information about available engineered wood veneers for commercial spaces, call 1800 833 0004 or email You can also fill out our contact form