Engineered wood veneer or reconstituted wood veneer is a composite surfacing material characterized by consistent grain. This type of veneer comes from softer wood species and is available in a variety of natural wood grains including engineered veneers and geometric patterns. When compared to natural veneers, they are easier to produce and are more affordable, thanks to their process of manufacturing. They are highly versatile surfacing material that is the go-to if you are looking to get a seamless and consistent design. Let’s look at five of the many ways to use engineered wood veneers. Read on!

1. Wall Panels

You can use engineered wood veneers on walls panels to increase their aesthetic appeal. The veneer sheets are reconstructed from different species of wood to provide consistency in color and grain. Besides being available in a wide range of textures, design, and color, engineered veneer is also remarkably durable and moisture resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for wall panels. You get the guarantee of consistency in design across all walls.

2. Furniture

Engineered veneers give dressers, chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces a unique and uniform appeal. You can choose from a wide array of engineered wood veneers designs to find one that matches your decor and brings out your style. You can create countless patterns and arrangements among other endless design possibilities.

3. Ceiling

You can customize your ceilings with engineered veneer sheets to attain the desired style and decor. Whether you want a luxurious or minimalistic ambiance, engineered wood veneers can help you manifest your vision to perfection through application on ceilings.


Engineered veneers can give a desired aesthetic appeal to cabinets in residential and commercial spaces. You can experiment with different patterns and designs made from some of the most exotic wood types including engineered oak veneers to make your cabinet surfaces look truly unique and stylish.

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Final Word

Engineered wood veneers are the future of environmentally green, high-end surface materials. Wood used in the making of Decowood veneers is sourced from some of the finest species around the world. They offer you unmatched freedom in design and give endless possibilities to make your surfaces stand out. If you want to learn more about available premium quality engineered veneers or textured veneers, simply call 1800-833-0004 or fill out our contact form.