Veneer, a thin slice of wood obtained by rotary slicing or cutting of a log, is used as furniture surfacing to provide a plush and classy look. Most people want their home decor to be aesthetically pleasing and complete with the right furniture items. They are willing to make huge investments in buying premium quality furniture with natural wood veneer and hiring interior designers. Natural wood veneer is an economical solution when looking to provide your home furniture a perfect finish and a plush look. In this blog, we discuss some of the various benefits of natural veneer sheets. Read on:

Plush Looks

Natural veneers are made by slicing thin layers of a log making them rich in natural oils. Natural oils present in veneers give them a glossy and regal look. Veneers made out of trees of the same species can be differentiated based on grain patterns. This characteristic of veneer paves way for numerous design possibilities.

Unmatched Value

Natural oils and rubber that are present in veneers and rubber that protect the sheets against rough weather conditions. This is especially true for  teak veneers whose natural oils protect them from dry rot, which often becomes a major problem as the furniture ages.


Veneer surfacing increases the strength of furniture. Natural wood veneers are resistant to fungal and parasitic attacks which slowly make furniture hollow from inside, gradually decreasing its tensile strength. They are also resistant to warping and splitting as they are made by gluing together thin layers of wood with the help of adhesives. This increases the life of the furniture or other structures on which they are applied.

Better Utilization of Trees

By slicing or peeling thin layers of wood logs, manufacturers can attain thicknesses as small as 0.6 mm. This is unlike the use of wood planks which are usually not less than 3 cm in thickness. Natural wood veneer promotes the sustainable utilization of rare tree species such as mahogany, cedar, rosewood, sycamore, and walnut.

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Wrap Up

The plush looks, premium quality, and eco-friendly nature are more than enough reasons to invest in natural wood veneers. Feel free to contact us at 18008330004 or fill out our contact form to get help with your veneer selection and answers to all your questions.