Veneers are a preferred furnishing material for spaces such as bedrooms due to their luxury appeal, enduring quality, and wide variety of options. They enjoy a variety of applications such as on wardrobes, headboards, cupboards, cabinets and other fixtures. Veneer designs are also a favourite for interior designers for their offbeat applications like veneer lamps and acoustic panels. When looking for veneer designs for bedrooms, you need to turn to a leading manufacturer that gives you access to a wide range of options. Here are three unconventional applications of veneers in bedrooms that are worth considering.

1. Acoustic Cladding

Acoustic Cladding is a trending furnishing option in bedrooms that have entertainment units or high-tech sound systems. They are insulation panels installed on bedroom walls or ceilings to improve sound quality and eliminate unwanted sounds. Veneer sheets are glued onto acoustic panels to give them an elegant appeal and complement the overall design of the space.

2. Headboard

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, and a headboard is its crowning glory. You can go all out with eye-catching wood veneer designs for the bedroom on your bed and headboard. Given that the bed is a place of relaxation, choose a calm and light colour veneer design that promotes a tranquil environment. To create a statement headboard, take it up to the ceiling.

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3. Coffee Table

You can add a stylish veneer coffee table to your bedroom decor to complement veneer design on other elements in the bedroom. Place it by a window with a set of wing back chairs for an appealing cozy look. Choose high-grade ply back veneer that offers both creativity and adaptability across different fixtures.

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