Engineered wood veneers are a popular surfacing material when looking for design consistency over large spaces. Availability of a vast range of designs and colors also makes them the go-to choice for interior designers and architects. Another notable quality of engineered wood veneers is their eco-friendly nature. In this blog post, we will give you three reasons why engineered wood veneers are an eco-friendly choice.

Sourced from Sustainable Forests

Sustainable forest management has become critical when it comes to minimizing the negative impact of the wood industry on the environment. The wood used in engineered wood veneers is sourced from sustainable forestry. They are made from rapidly growing and softer renewable tree species. Sustainable forestry allows better management of forests to meet the current demand for wood without leaving a negative impact on the environment. Products from reputable manufacturers such as Greenlam are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which is testament to the fact that the engineered wood veneers originate from trees that are managed responsibly and sustainably.

Efficient Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is focused on minimum wood wastage. Engineered wood veneers are manufactured by gluing thin slices of real wood and then re-slicing them into fine sheets according to the design requirements. These sheets are then applied to various substrates to give the look and feel of solid wood. Unlike solid wood, the manufacturing process of engineered veneers does not require the cutting of large trees to obtain larger-sized sheets, making them an eco-friendly surfacing material.

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Zero Release of Harmful Chemical Fumes

During the manufacturing of engineered wood veneers, there is no use of chemicals that are hazardous to health or the environment. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, such as urea-formaldehyde and polyurethane, which are known carcinogens were used in many wood products in the past. The introduction of water-based glues has made it possible for manufacturers to bring the emission of VOCs to zero.

About Decowood Veneers

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