Veneers are a great surfacing solution that enjoys myriad applications. They are the favorite of designers due to quality, aesthetic, and even environmental reasons. There are countless options in the market, but it is always best to go with the top veneer brands in India to get access to the best quality. Decowood Veneers offers some of the best wood veneers in India across different species, including celebrated picks from around the world. Installation of veneers has to be done right in order to get the desired aesthetics and longevity. It is a job that should be left to experienced professionals. In this blog, we are going to discuss 3 common mistakes to avoid when working with wood veneers. 

Working on a surface that has not been prepared

Failing to prepare the substrate to which the wood veneers will be applied is one of the most common mistakes that people make. Make sure to first sand the surface to which the veneers will be applied using an 80 – 100 grit sandpaper. The objective is to get the substrate as smooth as possible. 

Using incorrect glue

Another common mistake that you have to avoid when working with wood veneers is using the wrong adhesive or glue for the job. You need to get a specialized glue that is meant for wood veneers to get the desired results. You can talk to the team at Decowood Veneers for advice on the best glue to use when working with veneers.

Applying the glue unevenly

Applying the glue unevenly is another common mistake that people working with veneers for the first time make.  This mistake will result in an uneven surface. The best way to get an even coating of the glue is to use a glue roller. 

About Decowood Veneers

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