Attics enjoy a wide variety of uses that include being a bedroom, children’s play area, home office, and storage area. Wood veneers can help bring out a range of designs when looking to decorate the space. Different types of wood veneer can help you create a relaxing and comfortable space for a range of uses. While attic layouts mainly depend on the architecture of the home, we are going to list 3 attic design ideas that you can implement using wood veneers.

Warm Decor With an Eye on the Sky

Gazing at the never-ending sky is known to have calming effects. If you have an attic with a window on the ceiling, place the bed at such an angle that the sunlight through the window brightens up your sleeping space. Using brightly colored types of wood veneers such as American Maple, Sycamore, and American White Ash can be quite a good choice for such attic layouts. They help reflect the light to some extent to brighten up the entire space while giving it an alluring appeal as well.

Lively Attic Design For Kids

If you have a properly ventilated and lit attic layout, it is the best area to create a comfortable space for kids with help from the right wood sheet types. Digital veneer designs such as Parquet, Citrus Bloom, and Golden Summer are some amazing options offered by Decowood Veneers that can help create a fun and lively space for the kids in the house.

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Modular Attic Office Space Design

If you need a comfortable space for when you work from home, the attic can be an excellent choice. You can create a modular working space with proper lights and electrical connections and add a small bed on which to rest during breaks. It is highly recommended to use sophisticated shades of wood veneers such as browns, honey, and whites when creating a modular office attic layout to give it a unique yet professional appeal. Avoid tacky colors or designs on the walls if you will need to attend virtual meetings and video calls.

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