Wood veneer sheets are a coveted furnishing material in professional spaces due to their elegant and sophisticated appeal. You can go for natural veneers for applications such as on furniture and opt for engineered veneers to replicate the same design over large surfaces. There is a range of options to choose from when looking to buy veneer for office applications. Greenlam Decowood offers a range of high-quality veneers that present a durable and sturdy furnishing material for offices. In this blog, we are going to look at three applications of wood veneer in offices that help create an elegant work environment.

1. Ceiling

Deviate from mundane false ceiling options and give your office spaces a touch of sophistication with a ceiling that features veneer surfacing. You can create abstract designs with wood veneer sheets to complement the office decor or go for a uniform design with engineered veneers. Having veneer panels on the ceiling also helps reduce its exposure to things such as dust and humidity, among other benefits.

2. Boardroom Tables

Go all out to create an appealing boardroom area that leaves a lasting impression on clients and business associates. You can use veneers on tables, cabinets, projector walls and doors. Apart from the aesthetic factor, wood veneer sheets add to the strength and durability of boardroom tables.

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3. Reception Console

A reception is the first point of interface for clients and vendors visiting your office. Create a great first impression by using elegant veneer for the office reception console. Using wood veneer sheets on the office desk at the reception adds a touch of luxury to the overall decor and helps boost the image of your business. Polished natural veneers in light grain is an appealing choice for large reception areas. Use the same veneer design for doors and fixtures as well in the reception area to maintain uniformity.

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