Walking the extra mile

When it comes to delivering superior quality natural decorative veneers to our customers, Decowood always walks that extra mile. Backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rajasthan and conformance to various international quality standards, the brand emphasizes on ensuring durability and stability in its products during usage.Decowood holds the prestigious awards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001, and ISI Certifications. It provides face veneer thickness of .5mm with gurjan base ply of 2.7mm thickness to deliver exceptional strength, stiffness and durability. The entire range of products by Decowood is made from A+ grade veneers and termite and borer resistant.

Veneer goes through a stringent 5-step preservative treatment, making it termite and borer resistant.

Made using A+ Grade veneer ensures the best quality of wood is sourced and is used to manufacture the veneers

We use patented and highly advanced MITT (Melamine Impregnated Tacking Technology) which ensure perfect bonding of veneer with the substrate resulting in high boding strength of veneers.

Qualities that ensure safety and reliability

Our unique manufacturing process and use of seasoned wood guarantees the consistency of veneer thickness .

Made from 100% hard wood, veneers have high dimensional stability and is warp free.

Wood is the most traditional and the most dynamic material for decor. Decowood Veneers, made from wood from around the globe, are today defining decor trends in India and beyond.

Process: Before pressing of veneers on plywood, these are exposed and cured with specialty chemicals lending the product the following benefits:

Better dimensional stability: Wood is hygroscopic in nature, hence with variation of moisture content it expands and contracts. Decowood’s TD technology leads to significant drop in hygroscopicity of veneer, lending the benefit of ?enhanced thermal & dimensional stability compared to? a regular veneer. Not just that it further stiffens the veneer surface increasing the resistance against deformation and collapse during compression.

Better Light stability: The special process enhances the refractive index of the veneer surface and hence reduces the effect of UV light leading to better color fastness properties.

Enhance Grain Pattern: With increase refractive index of veneer surface the natural grains are further enhanced and hence the nature is highlighted further.

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