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Decowood Veneers - The brand from Greenlam Industries

We’ve been beautifying spaces for years by infusing creativity into every piece of work and turning it into pieces of sheer beauty, combined with brilliant design. With a presence in over 100 countries, Greenlam Industries Ltd is a name to be reckoned with and it stands tall with guilding philosophy of innovative technologies and creative solutions.
Decowood Veneers – the decorative veneers brand from Greenlam industries, has been carrying forward this legacy since its inception in 2002. It is India’s largest selling decorative veneers brand.

The wood is sourced from the most celebrated wood species around the world, before it can be turned into an intricate piece of art. Decowood presents the largest collection of veneers with over 200 treasured species of wood like the Wenge Mahogany, and Oak. While each veneer is a masterpiece in itself, our innovative pieces make it truly impeccable. Infused with creative treatments to get fascinating and spectacular variations, the exquisite detailing makes Decowood luxurious and timeless.

Decowood veneers are available in

  • veneer supplier india Natural

    Natures best. A collection of over 200 exotic species sourced from across the globe lending warmth, beauty and individuality of natural wood giving your spaces a tranquil feel.

  • wood veneer suppliers Teak

    A symbol of luxury and elegance, no other wood compares to it in its durability, stability and low maintenance.

  • veneer suppliers Engineered

    An innovative approach to real wood veneers to reproduce and reconstitute nature’s most exquisite grain patterns. It creates consistent designs on a large scale making them perfect for use where the design needs uniformity.

  • veneer manufacturer noirwood

    Blend of the best of wood and human ingenuity. Natural wood is enhanced using special technique to get rich character and warm look to interiors.


  • wood veneer companies


    The veneered MDF panel is produced by pressing natural decorative veneer directly on the MDF panel, using our patented MITT technology.

  • hardwood veneer companies


    Using a unique technique called “fleece backing”, these veneers are flexible enough to let your imagination fly and experiment with new ideas.

  • laminate veneer companies


    The best of 10ft. veneers available in the country. Drape your world seamlessly from floor to ceiling, giving a flawless finish to your interiors.

  • timber veneer companies


    Finished with special craft paper, these veneers can be bent into a curve of 8cm radius and can be rolled and glues into any shape of furniture.

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