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Wood Veneer sheets from Decowood

Decowood, a brand of Greenlam Industries, is committed to providing best-in-class wood veneers in India, made from some of the finest species of wood sourced from around the world. Our exceptional production capabilities allow Architects and Interior Designers to come up with, what can be best described as pieces of intricate art. Decowood is India’s largest selling wood veneer brand which offers wide collection of veneers, comprising over 200 treasured wood species, including oak and mahogany. Whether you are looking for natural, engineered, noir or teak wood veneers in India, we have got you covered. Our creative panache, aided by cutting-edge technology, enables us to produce world-class veneer sheets in enchanting designs, textures, and colors.

A Veneer for Every Living Space!

Decowood has a veneer solution for every living space, be it in a home, office, restaurant, hotel, retail outlet or any other type of architectural property. We help you add an element of sophistication and warmth to all types of living spaces with an array of exotic, unique, and high-grade wood veneer sheets that are designed to make any living space come alive. Over the years, we have been helping architects, interior designers and homeowners manifest their visions in the most eloquent ways while making spaces more productive for occupants. Whether you need premium wood veneers for a residential project, a commercial facility or your dream home, look no further than Decowood.

Why Choose Decowood?

Decowood, backed by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rajasthan, goes that extra mile in conformance with international quality standards when it comes to the manufacture of wood sheets. The brand ensures durability and stability in its products during usage. Backed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISI certifications, the entire range of wood sheets products is made from A+ grade veneers. Here are some of the many attributes that make us a trusted name for decorative veneer sheets in India.

International Quality Standards - Since inception in 2002, Decowood has been delivering superlative quality decorative veneer sheets that adhere to the highest international standards.

ISO-Certified Brand - We are an ISO-certified brand that is synonymous with durability and stability, with our entire range of veneer products being manufactured from A+ grade veneers.

Extensive Array of Options - To suit diverse styling needs, our products come in different variants such as decorative plywood, fleece back, MDF, and veneer laminate sheets.

Largest Manufacturing Facility in India - Decowood manufacturing plant in Rajasthan, with production capacity of 4.2 million square meters of veneer sheets, is the largest in India.

Commitment to Nature - Our business is driven by a green conscience and corporate social responsibility with FSC® certification.

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Making Veneers Last Long

You need not worry about keeping them intact. Decowood Veneers are easy to install, simple to maintain, and come with the best warranty.

  • Installation From DIY to professional installation. Decowood come together easily. Coming Soon
  • Upkeep The only thing easier than caring for your Decowood is enjoying it. Coming Soon
  • Assurance Industry-leading warranties keep your floor looking beautiful for life. Coming Soon

Witness the Magic at Our Experience Center

Visit Madera Hub – a new experience center at the Behror plant. First of its kind in the country, Madera Hub showcases veneer in its full glory, with ideas and samples to choose from. An entire floor is dedicated to product selection to help you choose styles and designs that suit your needs and fit your personality.

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